Welcome to TheRevAmanda

blog1Every person has a reason to start a blog. Some start it as an online journal, a way to keep a travel log, share recipes and about a million other reasons. My inspiration came from writing monthly church newsletters and a picture project I did this February and March.

I challenged myself during the season of Lent (the time leading up to Easter) this year to take a picture a day of where I saw God. Part of my inspiration to do that came from a weekly book group I was leading at the time for church called “An Altar in the World” by Barbara Brown Taylor. Every day for 40 days I took pictures, uploaded them to Instagram, tag them with #LentChallenge2016 and found I saw God in the every day life around me. It was a wonderful way to incorporate my ministry, faith and daily life. And the Lent Project became super Holy.

Every day that I took pictures, I kept thinking it would be neat to expand on the pictures. Instagram and Facebook only allow for so many characters, well maybe not, but I didn’t feel the pictures needed a long, diatribe of words of explanation. I kept to something short and snappy.

And so my inspiration for writing a blog was born.

I may take on another Lent Project like I did this winter/spring. I may show pictures I’ve taken, include my own travel log, book reviews and more. Who knows what will drive my blog posts in coming months? I love the unknown, waiting for the Spirit to inspire!

Onward and upward, down the blogging path we go!


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