Sunday Round-Up: Happiness Is…

IMG_9876Normally I think I’ll leave the top 5 to Friday’s but it’s Sunday. And I needed an idea for a post.

Instead of the top 5 things I was into this week or top 5 places I saw God, I’m going to do the Round-Up Top 5 of Happiness.

That’s right. Happiness. Because frankly, this world seems to have so much sorrow, fear and turmoil that happiness gets thrown in a corner, like Baby. (Nice Dirty Dancing reference, huh?)

Here it goes: The Sunday Round-Up Top 5 of Happiness or better yet:

Happiness Is…

  1. Cooler Weather: Yep, it’s July in Chicago and the temperature lately hasn’t exceeded 74 degrees. On the drive home Friday night I turned the heat on in the car because it was chilly. I love this type of weather, so I’ll take that bit of cooler summer air as a batch of happiness any day.
  2. Light Bulbs: My kitchen lamp recently went dark and when there is little natural light coming in (apartment living, what can you do?), the kitchen gets very dark. And instead of calling maintenance, which is probably what I should have done, I stood in Target and guessed what kind of light bulbs I needed. After 4 days (cuz I couldn’t get to the store) of darkness, there was light again in my kitchen Saturday afternoon. And as God said, “it was good.”
  3. Brownies: Is there anything more wonderful that chocolatey, gooey brownies? When having a rotten day, one must make a batch of brownies. They may add a few pounds and be completely bad for you but when all else fails, happiness is a brownie.
  4. Happy Texts: Friday was a crummy day. It had been a long week, I had to go say good-bye to a dear friend in the evening, and some other personal stuff occurred. When I came out of Target Saturday afternoon, I found I had a text from one of my best friends: “I miss your face. Just wanted to say hi.” And then I received a virtual hug. Completely made my day.
  5. Friends: Like I said, I had to say good-bye this weekend to a dear friend. She’s moving across the pond back to Ireland and I will miss her. She and another friend were 2 people I met at a monthly book group I began attending about 3 years ago. Since then it’s been movies, dinners, concerts and more. And it’s been fabulous. This past week I saw these 2 ladies not once, not twice but 3 times. It was a bittersweet, sad but joyful way to end my week.

There you have it. Top 5 things of Happiness. Now the question is…

What is your Happiness Is…?

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