Sabbath Monday: The 4th

wp-image-1011017979jpg.jpegYou know that Simpson’s episode where Lisa wins a patriotic writing contest and heads to Washington D.C. to deliver her speech. But then she changes her words to what she feels after witnessing some shady things on Capital Hill? I feel like that.

Today is the 4th of July and though I should be feeling patriotic, I’m not. It’s difficult to feel anything but sadness for this country lately. Have you seen the news? So I don’t know how I can post “Happy 4th of July!” on Facebook with a smiling face.

Now I’ve studied enough history to know that our Founding Fathers – Washington, Jefferson, Franklin – didn’t start this country so every one could run and hide in fear. They founded this country so the people living here could be free from the oppressive power of England. But where this country is headed seems a lot like oppression to me, with closing borders, people afraid to live lives outside our homes because guns run rampant or people worship whatever God in closed, air tight doors because it’s not welcome. Or how about what washrooms to use or who can marry?

Times have changed since the 1700s, no doubt. I would hope that the Founding Fathers wouldn’t be closed minded to a lot of the issues that face us in 2016. Those men who sat around and debated a new way of government, who fought for our country’s freedom so long ago and even now, they did/do so on the promise of hope. When you forget about the hope, the fear sits in and sadly things can revert back to the old ways.

The band, Disturbed, has a song called, The Light. One of the lines goes: “Don’t let hope become a memory.” I’ve been thinking about that line for about a day now. “Don’t let hope become a memory.” Why do I feel like the hope of our country was founded on is fading?

Whatever you are doing this 4th of July, be safe. Try not to get too bogged down with store sales and fireworks. And remember: Hope is not a memory. It lives here with us now and it’s up to us to keep it from fading into a distant memory.

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