Misc. Wednesday: Rest and Scrapbooking

IMG_9879See the picture: This is what Sabbath looks like for me. It doesn’t happen all the time, this thing called scrapbooking.

Typically my Sabbath consists of family, reading, or a TV binge. However, there are days and weeks where my day off is completely free or when my week consists of no evening meetings. Those times allow me to engage in scrapbooking, drawing or whatever else I feel up for. This week my Sabbath consisted of dragging out all of my scrapbooking supplies and working on a vacation book I started over a year ago.

Sabbath is important. And it’s an art I haven’t quite mastered. Sabbath means rest. Yes, its roots are based in religion but it also means rest. Trust me, rest is a difficult thing to do.

Our society doesn’t like rest, at least that has been my experience. We keep going and going and going…Like the Energizer Bunny. I worry about that. When do any of us have time to rest? On weeks I run from one meeting to another my dishes sit in the sink, my clothes don’t get put away, and I’m left curled up on my couch asleep because I sat down for 5 minutes to read. And anyone who tells me that rest is for later in life or when I’m dead, well, thanks but no thanks. I’d rather enjoy the moments of my life when I’m recharged, not tired with blood shot eyes.

My Sabbath time is sacred, as it should be. God created the world and then rested. God commanded it to Moses: “Keep the Sabbath day holy.” Jesus taught on the Sabbath but I still think he understood the significance of it. He did go to a wedding, later ate fish and bread with people and then dined in the upper room. Jesus prayed alone.

Plus, for me, Sabbath is more than a high holy day. It should be part of life. Sabbath should be a routine of 5 minutes or a full day. Even if it means scheduling it into the calendar.  

I’m not overly fond of the phrase, “Sorry, I’ve been super busy” though I use it all the time my. Why are all of us so busy? Why are we not allowed to revel in God’s splendor, enjoy this thing called life? How can we do that if we’re too tired to enjoy whatever it we are looking at? Are we afraid we might miss something? Because I don’t buy into that. There’s something to be said about slowing down, enjoying the things around us, the time spent at work and play.  

Whatever your Sabbath is – a day, a week, time with family or scrapbooking – I hope you enjoy it. I hope you soak up whatever that time is for you and hold on, recharging for whatever the next day may bring. Because taking time for Sabbath is not only important for our health, but it’s also holy.

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