Sunday Round-Up: Strawberries & Delight

20160709_152217 [61433]This edition of the Sunday Round-Up comes a bit late tonight. My apologizes. I need to find a rhythm to writing, which will come in time. Anywho…

I spent Saturday canning with Mom. I have a basil plant, as does Mom. Basil (yep, he has a name and it’s Basil, like a sheep’s baa, so Baaaasil) produces more basil than my little single self can use. Thanks to Pinterest I found a recipe for Strawberry Basil Jam. Who’da thunk? Incredibly delicious, fyi!

Plus, I’d always wanted to learn how to can so Mom taught me. If you’ve ever canned fruit/veggies you’ll know 2 things:

  1. It’s putsy and time consuming. And…
  1. Once you’ve started, you might as well continue with more.

Once one batch of Strawberry Basil was complete, as well as the sugar free Strawberry Jam, our rhythm for canning was in full swing. So we thought, “Hey, why not make more since strawberry season is almost over?” Off I ran to Jewel, bought more of my favorite berry and we made more Strawberry Basil. Then we made Strawberry Rhubarb. My arm still throbs from the constant stirring I did.

It was fun. Plus, I won’t have to purchase jam for at least a year. Thankfully my fingernails have returned to their normal color and are no longer green from chopping up basil. Ha!

This morning’s Scripture in church was from Deuteronomy. What popped out at me was the word DELIGHT. God takes delight when we engage in life and things we take delight in or when we show God’s love in some form. I felt God’s delight with every chop and mash of berries. Every stir over the hot stove was a delight.

I’m completely exhausted but I’m delighted. Not at the hard work but at knowing that God took delight in what I did, at spending time with my mother who taught me something she learned from her mother who learned it from her’s. God takes delight in all that we do.

God takes pleasure, delight, joy, happiness in all that we do. From mowing the lawn to worship to making jam to simply reading. I think God takes delight because we are God’s children and don’t all parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, whomever we call a ‘parent’ take delight in the things we do? Isn’t that knowledge incredibly awesome?

Thanks God for taking delight in all your creation does!

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