Sabbath Monday: Vacations

20160711_172826 [64681]In a few days I will get in a van with 19 youth and head to Charleston, South Carolina for mission trip. I come home 9 days later, tired and worn. Then I go back to work and 2 weeks later I head for vacation. I’m counting the days. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to the mission trip but vacation is much needed.

Mom, Dad and I are taking a mini-family trip. The 3 of us love history, well Dad and I do. Mom likes the old homes we visit, walking around the historic towns. Despite all of us agreeing on going some place different, our trip is headed to Pennsylvania and Virginia again.

Philadelphia with Valley Forge, Independence Hall and other sites. Then Gettysburg and Hersey (cuz, hello, chocolate). Next is Monticello (Jefferson’s home), Fredericksburg, Virginia and many other places. Basically we’ll cover about 100 years of history in a week. And ghost walks…can’t forget those.

I love history, so much so I have a degree in it. I love learning how others lived, how our country came to be. I don’t know what it is about the Antebellum period, aka the Civil War, that I’m drawn to but I am. I have books, upon books on the subject and will probably purchase more on the trip.  I’ve started reading a few in preparations for our trip.

Gettysburg is probably my favorite place to visit. This will be my 4th visit and though I’ve already been on the battlefield and walked the streets, I cannot wait to do it again. Hopefully we’ll do some new things in town. Shockingly there are things we haven’t done.

I love Gettysburg for it’s ambiance. There’s no better word to describe it. When you’re up on Little Round Top looking down over Devil’s Den and the peach orchard, you get this incredible sense of what took place there 153 years ago. Plus, it’s peaceful. Looking at the monuments, taking in the magnitude at how big this battle was.

The cemetery hasn’t changed, though the battlefield has. The National Park Service has been doing a lot of work to restore the battlefield to it’s original state but not the cemetery. I can stand in the spot Lincoln gave his address, consecrating the grounds as holy. I walk and say prayers for those resting there, as well as other prayers.

Gettysburg is full of history, it’s a town that bleeds the Civil War, and it’s one of my sacred places to visit.

Vacations are awesome. They are Sabbath and joy. I’m not one for beaches or cruises but I enjoy touring old homes, basking in the history of a place.

Wherever your vacations take you this summer, enjoy your Sabbath time away.

4 thoughts on “Sabbath Monday: Vacations

  1. Sue Kupfer says:

    Enjoy your mission trip…I’ll be interested to hear about it! Mission trips are so great! We were briefly in Charleston in May and looked like someplace to go back to! Enjoy your vacation and enjoy your time away!

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    • therevamanda says:

      Carrie, the parentals and I had a hard time finding stuff to do. It all sounded too tourist-trapy, which is fine but not us. Everything is really expensive, hotels are hard to find. When we finally had an honest conversation about vacation, we realized we wanted to go to South. But we love that area, so it’s all good! I’m super excited!


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