Misc. Wednesday: Got Snacks?

20160712_124358 [75318]Yesterday morning when I opened the door to my office at church I noticed boxes immediately inside my office. Not a ton but enough for me to go, “Hmmm…” I dropped my stuff in and around my desk, then moved on to talking with my fellow staff members and getting some mission trip stuff complete.

Then I turned to our Admin. and said, “So-so has been here, huh?” Her reply, (with a big smile on her face), “Yep!”

Ok, now it’s time for me to play detective.

Upon further investigation, I noticed some of the boxes were empty, for whatever use later on. (One can never have too many empty boxes.) However, one box was full, overflowing full. Plus there are 2 bags. All are full of trail mix, animal crackers, beef jerky, granola bars, Twizzlers, and baby wipes (you know, for sticky fingers). One big box of goodies! Wow!

Then in my mailbox I found an envelope with a few gift cards, also from said church member. A note was in the envelope as well and read something to the effect of, “for the chaperones and blessings on your trip.” I nearly died with tears.

All of this – the gift cards, the snacks, even the baby wipes are for the mission trip. They are for our youth, for our travels and for some of our expenses. I was seriously overcome by God’s love in that moment.

How wonderful for the youth to know that a church member graciously provided them with snacks for the entire trip, or at least the first leg. How fantastic is it for our youth to know that the congregation does in fact care for them, that there is one person in particular who might not be able to attend the trip but is making sure they are well fed.

I have worked in the church for almost 10 years now. I have witnessed some incredible acts of love and grace over the years. The congregation I’m currently serving consistently does these little random acts of kindness for the children, youth and other ministries, so I’m not overly surprised by this act of kindness. But for whatever reason it moved me to tears. Could be the stress. Could also be the idea of knowing the youth are cared for outside our little circle of youth leaders and parents.

To this person, thank you for sharing God’s love with our youth. They are truly blessed to know you care.  You are my God moment during this stressful, busy week. Thank you and blessings on you and your kindness.

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