Sunday Round-Up: Road Trip

20160717_120514 [81470]Greetings from South Carolina!

It’s day 2 of the high school youth mission trip. All 23 of us made it to South Carolina in one piece. Our little band of road trippers are settled into our home for the week and so far so good.

For tonight’s Sunday Round-Up, I thought I’d share a few highlights from our trip so far.

Sleep, or Lack There-of: The night before our scheduled departure I got probably 3 hours of sleep due to running around and doing last minute stuff. (There’s nothing worse than coming home to a messy apartment!) I slept a bit in the car, but not enough. Then the group crashed on floors and couches at a church in Kentucky and I didn’t sleep well. Granted I don’t expect much sleep on youth trips but still. I’m running on empty and the week has only begun.

Laughs: Youth trips always bring the laughs. There’s been some one-line zingers, impersonations, singing off tune to songs on the radio and much more. I love the joy the youth bring to these trips.

Flexibility & Patience: If there is one thing I’ve learned on youth trips – Be Flexible and Patient. It’s seems so simple but it’s so vital. I’m not a go-with-a-flow person, well sometimes. But youth trips are where my ability to flexible and patient is tried. I’m usually good once I get in a rhythym, which is usually by half way through the trip. Plus, I have 19 youth who are also flexible. They can go with the flow at a moments notice, which is fabulous!

Smokey Mountains: I love driving through the Appalachian Mountains with the Blue Ridge to the north and the Smokeys to the south. I can get a bit woozy with all the hairpin turns, elevation and drops but the sights are breathtaking. There’s something so majestic and incredible about those mountains. God’s creation at its best.

That’s it for now on this late Sunday night, well technically here in South Carolina it’s Monday morning. This pastor is going to bed and hopefully will be rested for a big day of work in the heat and humidity tomorrow!




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