Sabbath Monday: Taco Tuesday

Heading over a bridge from James Island into Charleston

Heading over a bridge from James Island into Charleston

(Well, I missed Sabbath Monday. That’s what happens on mission trips. In honor of taco’s later today, this belated blog post is officially titled Taco Tuesday.)

Have I mentioned I love working with youth? Yesterday we did a car wash for a local charity here in Charleston, which got rained out and not many cars came through. It’s a tough one to take. Plus, it brought up the question of, “Who are we impacting?” I completely understand that one and really, I don’t have an answer other than, “your help and the money you raised will make an impact, even if you don’t see it.

The youth were great. They helped out, took sitting and waiting with ease and had a lot of fun with each other. And they rolled with it when a storm came through. Plus, the little bit we did raised close to $300. Wahoo!

Upon returning home from a baseball game (Go Charleston River Dogs!), the group showered and then we had nightly devotions. I was nervous. I never how know youth will react to the devotions. This is my 3rd mission trip with this group and in the past the devotions missed a mark somewhere, so naturally I am nervous.

We did a sharing exercise with Jolly Ranchers, answering questions such as, “What do you plan to get out of mission trip? What makes you happy? And tell us one thing you do well.” There was some great sharing last evening, from the very deep to the very shallow end. It was amazing.

An hour and a half later, it was time for free time and bed. It was 12:30am.  I’m a bit tired this morning.

Our scripture with last night’s devotion came from 1 Corinthians 12 – spiritual gifts. I truly see some many wonderful, amazing gifts in these young people. The ability to make people laugh, help out without asking, patience, empathy…they all are truly wonderful young people, created by our wonderful God.

Today brings yard work, tacos and a ghost walk. I wonder where I’ll see God today and how will these youth use their spiritual gifts?


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