Misc. Wednesday: Yard Work, Hard Work

20160719_134409 [84927]Sorry for the all the posts about the trip but this is my life at the moment. Though there is much more ahead on this trip, I have to tell a story from yesterday’s work day.

Our group of 23 went to work with James Island Outreach to do yard work. For us suburbanites, yards consist of grass and dirt. Here in the south, yards are sand, dirt, and bugs. Depending on your lawn, hardly anything grows. The woman’s yard we worked on was mostly sandy dirt, weeds and leaves. And it wasn’t small.

Our group bagged upwards of 60 bags of leaves in the Charleston 90 degree humid heat. There was another huge pile of sticks and branches. At one point the group realized the house needed a little color, so we went and got some mulch and potted plants. The house and yard look 10 times better than what it did and it’s incredible.

Towards the end the folks picking up yard waste in the neighborhood came around the corner. They had 1 big dump truck and a tractor with a claw on the front. Our group stood there, waving at the gentlemen who proceeded to pick up the 60+ bags and dump them in the truck. It was an incredible way to end the afternoon.

Many of the youth have commented on being privileged, about wanting to make a difference. Yesterday they did that. They worked without complaint on a very hot humid day for someone they have never met, for someone they will never see again, for someone who doesn’t have running water at the moment and is probably barely living. How incredible it is to know what an impact our group made for her! Even if all we did was rake leaves. I nearly cried, knowing how much of an impact we made yesterday, how much God was present with us.

God truly does amazing things.


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