Sabbath Monday: Finally Home

Leaving Charleston, South Carolina

Leaving Charleston, South Carolina

I spent the weekend travelling with the youth. Mission trip had come to a close and it was time to get back to Chicago.

Our journey began in South Carolina, included a stop over in Kentucky and finally home. I was so exhausted last night that while I did laundry at my parents’ house, I watched a movie, completely forgetting I had a blog to write.

Today I finished up the laundry, packed up my car and came home to my cozy apartment. And then promptly slept for about 5 hours. Now it is about 9pm and I’m finally catching up on blog writing.

I love road trips, so much so that in about 3 weeks I’m taking another.

I love getting into a car, bags packed with a destination in mind. Flying is great but you don’t get the same spontaneity out of it. Flying takes you from point A to point B. At most the airports provide some sort of entertainment but that’s about it. Traveling by car allows you to stop whenever and for whatever reason. It allows you to take your time and enjoy the scenery.

On our journey home, the youth and I took a few detours to find food. Instead of eating straight off the highway, we drove into town looking for that Dunkin Donuts and Bob Evans, about 5 miles off the highway. It was great. It might have added a few minutes to the journey but would I have seen the Eastern Kentucky State University campus? Probably not. Would I have seen the small little downtown of Lebanon, Indiana, probably not. Granted, not exciting sites but still…

Plus, only on road trips do you crank music and sing along. You can sleep and play video games. You can laugh with your friends and enjoy the trip, stretching legs every few hours. You can sit and talk hours on end getting to know someone. You can get car sick as you travel through the mountains and make fun of towns such as Bat Cave, North Carolina. (Really? Bat Cave? Is Batman the mayor or something?) Or perhaps it’s the bilboards that make you laugh.

Road trips are great.

I’d love to one day pack my car and simply take off. No destination, no hotels planned, no plan whats-so-ever. Simply ride the highway, meet people, and enjoy the country. Till I’m brave enough to do so, I’ll stick to road trips with planned hotels and spontaneous stopping points for bathrooms and food.

Where are you road tripping this summer?


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