Misc. Wednesday: It’s the White Rabbit!

20160726_182444 [10376]A few months ago I strolled through Target on a weekly shopping run. Sometimes I stroll over to the DVD and book section of the store because you never know what you might find.

On this particular run, I found a coloring book: Alice in Wonderland. It is one of my favorite stories of all time. I bought it, grabbed some colored pencils and headed home, content with my purchase.

For months I have wanted to jump into the adult coloring book world. I can now say that I have joined that world.

I love coloring. As a child I would hunker down in a corner with my crayons and one of those art kits that had markers, colored pencils and water colors in them. As I grew up, I would draw and paint, inevitably leading to my artistic side. Now I color with my niece, who tells me what to color and lines up the crayons in the “used” pile, not to be used again on that particular page.

Though I would love to draw and paint and scrapbook on a regular basis, using up my creative energy, time doesn’t allow it. I typically come home, make dinner and crash. And that only happens if I’m home at a decent hour and have no evening plans. Why drag out all the art supplies or scrapbooking materials for an hour or 2 of play time?

Thankfully, coloring has allowed me to not only be creative and get out those artistic energies, it also has relaxed me. I sat coloring for about 2 hours one evening. My hand was sore and cramped when I was done. I didn’t have music on. I didn’t think really. I simply colored. It was liberating.

My Alice coloring book sits on my coffee table, along with colored pencils and markers. I’m afraid if I put them away they will never come back out. One day Alice will be joined by Harry Potter and Doctor Who, allowing for more creativity and simple pleasure of coloring in the lines.

For now, I see God in the quiet time of coloring, of feeling the colored pencils scratch away on the paper, of sharpening colored pencils and a page completed with bright colors. And that, for me, is Sabbath at its best.

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