Friday 5: Seeing God

Placeholder ImageThis week many people have asked me how the mission trip went. My usual reply, “It was good. The youth enjoyed it and we did some amazing work.” All of which is true.

My colleague asked me during our catch up session, “Where did you see God?” I vaguely remembered what I told him, though I did give him an answer.

Since then I’ve been contemplating that question, “Where did I see God during mission trip?”

Here is what I’ve come up with:

The Heat: The heat in Charleston was unbearable. I don’t mind the heat usually. However, 110% humidity gets to me. Though I never felt truly clean even after showering, I still think God was present in the sticky, humid, heat. I loved waking up to see the haze of the humid heat, of feeling the swamp like air on my skin. As uncomfortable as it was, God was present.

People: Charleston is a friendly city. In an age when many people are fearful, diverting eyes when walking and simply plain unfriendly to strangers, Charleston is an open book. The group and I were welcomed warmly, heard stories from unique individuals and felt at home in a foreign city.

Car Ride: Have I mentioned I love the mountains? I love driving through the Appalachian Mountains. Those mountains are beautiful and majestic and awe-inspiring. Plus, they are God’s creation.

The Work: The people we met and assisted during our week are incredible people. Alice, Mr. and Mrs. B., Elizabeth, Dani, David, the youth, folks from the church, those at the garden, and many more…All were super nice, helpful, caring. Each showed passion in their work. God is surely present in each of them.  Plus, the work we did had meaning and all of us took something away with us.

Teenagers: The youth inspire me each and every day. They show me the face of God when I’m feeling down and frustrated over some things. On this trip I was frustrated a lot. But when I saw how they all came together – all 19 of them – to work and to play, I saw God.

There are more stories about where I saw God. But you know, some things are meant to remain personal. 

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