Sabbath Monday: Lazy Day

Placeholder ImageConfession: I did absolutely nothing today.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say nothing.

I got up early to do a quick bit of work. (Yes, I worked on my day off. Such is the life of a pastor.) Then I went back to sleep. I slept forever. It was awesome.

Eventually I had lunch, read a little, napped some more, watched some TV shows I’ve been trying to get off my DVR and had dinner. Followed by more TV and reading and blogging. So I didn’t do nothing today. I simply didn’t do anything productive.

I loved every minute of it.

I don’t have typical Monday thru Friday job. I’m on a Tuesday thru Friday, sometimes Saturday and always Sunday, and off on Monday schedule. My hours vary based on the week. Most of my Mondays consist getting ready for the week, with laundry, cleaning, groceries, other errands taking up my day off. Sometimes I have plans with friends or other appointments or I scrapbook. But sometimes, not too often, Mondays are for lounging and catching up on sleep. Today was just that. It was glorious.

Now, I know sleep is good for me. I know too much sleep can be bad. I know that not keeping regular sleeping patterns is also bad. However, sometimes one just needs to sleep and do nothing. Don’t you think?

I often wonder if any of us have those lazy days of staying in our pjs and loafing on the sofa anymore when our society dictates our schedules be full. Are we allowed to be unproductive these days? I often feel that sometimes our society almost makes us feel guilty when we have days of doing nothing and yet today was the most relaxed I’ve felt in months. I feel refreshed, renewed and well slept.

The point is resting is good and our society these days doesn’t allow us to have those days of doing nothing in my opinion. Maybe we should designate a day, every so often, to a lazy day. Of staying in our pjs and crashing on the couch with Netflix or something.

Maybe there should be days when Sabbath, a day of rest, is truly observed. Wouldn’t that be a grand idea?




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