Misc. Wednesday: No One Gets Left Behind

Placeholder ImageI came home from a meeting this evening, made a grilled cheese sandwich at 10pm for dinner and channel surfed. Around 11-11:30 I found Lilo and Stitch on one of the Disney channels. I didn’t get very far in the movie because, you know, I had a blog to write.

I stopped around the part where Stitch crashes and Lilo prays for a friend. Then Lilo goes to the pound to pick out a dog, or well, Stitch. The pure joy on her face at her new found puppy or whatever alien thing Stitch is gets me every time. Lilo doesn’t care if Stitch is weird, if he acts funny or misbehaves. She’s happy to have a friend who accepts her, even if it takes the whole movie to realize it.

I love that movie and I think it’s one of the more underrated Disney movies of recent years. It’s about acceptance and friendship, love between 2 sisters in this sort of makeshift family.

Whether it’s traditional, makeshift or whatever, family is always there, well hopefully. They love you unconditionally, through good and bad. Punching, yelling, crying, laughter…they have all filled my family’s home at one time or another. Family can lift you up and often can bring you down. Family also sticks up for you and often forgiveness is just as tricky. And your friends can also make up your family. Stitch proves that.

Lilo’s words about family ring in my brain, “”Ohana” means “family.” “Family” means “no one gets left behind.”

There’s been some family drama as of late in my family. I’m not one to air dirty laundry on the internet and I’m not starting now. Though I will say this: I’ve felt alone, abandoned on some sinking ship, trying desperately to find forgiveness. And yet, family steps up to tell me I’m okay and all will be okay. By family, I mean blood family, friends and the church. Ok, perhaps they all didn’t come right out and say that. However, many friends offered ears to listen and a beer to take the edge off. I have youth at church who remind me about the good in life. Church friends who also remind me that I’m part of their community as well as pastor. And I have blood family who will allow me to give them kisses, who tell me they love me and will ride carousels with me.

Family comes in all shapes and sizes. And no matter what – family should mean no one gets left behind. Though I’m struggling with some of that meaning, I know that in times of hardship, when I’m struggling over forgiveness, disappointment or anger, I have family – the broad sense of the term – who are there to tell me I’m loved and that all will be alright.

Isn’t that one of God’s greatest blessings?







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