Friday 5: Eh…

cropped-alternate-sidebar1.jpgDuring youth group gatherings I sometimes play the game High, Low and Eh. I ask the youth if their week was a thumbs up (high), thumbs down (low) or so-so (eh). (Or some variation thereof of the game as one can “play it” in various ways.)

This week was ‘Eh’ for me. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad, it was just, eh.

And so I give you my Highs and Lows for the week, which inevitably equal an ‘Eh’:

Low: Apparently anywhere I went people were in much more of a hurry than I was. People tailgated me. I was cut off because the light turned yellow, the person in from me stopped (duh!), while the person behind me swerved into the median and oncoming traffic and ran the red light. I mean, really?!? Really?!? I had one woman driving behind me, looking around but when it came time to stop she pulled so close to my bumper that I swear I could see the whites of her eyes. Needless to say, I pulled over, let her go ahead and merged back into traffic. (She later pulled a U-ey, in the middle of the road in front of me and parked. Ugh…)

High: I slept. And it was awesome. (Did you read Monday’s post?)

High: I finished a book and started a new one, well two actually. And though it’s not reading, I finished watching last season’s Grimm….All 10 or whatever episodes I had on my DVR. Accomplishments are fabulous God moments.

Low: I simply feel crummy. It’s all personal stuff that again, I’m not airing on here. However, I’m tired of being depressed and feeling alone (even though I know I’m not). I feel crummy to the point that tonight I said, “Darn it, I’m making brownies.” (And you have to say it like Donkey from Shrek when he says, “I’m making waffles” because sometimes, it’s the way one says something that makes the difference. Oh, and licking the batter from the spatula and not giving a darn about calories. Sometimes one needs comfort food, which has been occurring a lot lately…hmmm…I might need to rethink my definition of comfort food.)

High: A Friday evening of channel surfing, catching Captain America on TV while chilling with warm brownies, homemade bruschetta and a beer is a total God moment this week.

Ok, so there’s more Highs in that bunch than Lows but still…It felt like an Eh sort of week.

So…how was your week?


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