Friday 5: Finally

National Parks here I come!

National Parks here I come!

This has been a long week. Between church stuff and random stuff that needed to get done, this week seemed to take the longest. Why? Because as of 15 minutes ago, I’m on vacation. Naturally my week would include drama of all sorts and also move like a snail.  But the week doesn’t matter…I’m headed out of town with no thought of work for the next week.

My week included:

Late nights – I know there’s an article floating around about a recent study that says night owls, the messy and those who swear a lot are more intelligent. I’m all 3 (and yes, I swear. Pastors can swear.) This week was no wonder. I was up late, cleaning, paying bills, or coloring. I had stuff to get done before vacation and the coloring came about because my foot was half way out the door all week. I needed a break.

Evening packing food – A church outing at Feed My Starving Children earlier this evening. An intergenerational outing to be exact. Granted my mind was on packing and all the clothes that had sprung loose on my bed, but there was something Godly the moment 3 older people, myself and 4 youth taking up a whole packing station. Everyone worked together and had fun.

Patience – It’s that moment when you’ve simply had enough of whatever – someone, something, I was to that point, probably went over the edge but it needed to be done and said.

Celebs – I finished reading Drew Barrymore’s book, Wildflower, earlier this week. It’s a series of stories, about her life, lessons she’s learned, experiences she’s had. There’s no holier than thou, I’m a celebrity act. It’s Drew and get this – she’s real. Like she’s struggled with the same things I have and probably you have. It’s lessons on friendship and love and children and growing up and crappy parents and etc… Ok, so maybe some of her experiences are not the same as mine, however, I see and share her humanness in those experiences. I love when celebrities do that – simply be real. Perhaps it’s because I’m a pastor that I get that. Pastors aren’t allowed to be human, make mistakes, swear. Celebs are like that too in a way. If they screw up, everyone hears about it. They aren’t allowed to go without makeup or see a therapist. Thank you Drew for being honest and real.

Vacation – Need I really explain any further? I’m headed to Pennsylvania and Virginia to some of my favorite places. It’s a history tour. And because I’m single and have yet to figure out who to travel alone that doesn’t involve visiting friends, I’m going with my parents, who allow me to go off on my own and who share this desire to enjoy house tours and the Gettysburg battlefield yet again.

Thank you Week for being good and yet bad and for finally bringing me to what I’ve been waiting for…Vacation!

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