Sunday Round-Up: A Mighty Wind

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

I did a lot today. Vacation will do that, if you’re one to do sightseeing instead of sitting on a beach. Give me a history tour over the beach any day and I’ll be the happiest of campers.

Remember my Dear Readers, I’m a history person. I’m a professed nerd and I proudly wear that badge like an athlete wears a gold medal. This vacation is all about the history and if there was ever such a thing as geek heaven, I’m currently in it.

First off this morning was Fort Mifflin, an old fort from the 1770s and used during the Revolutionary War. At one point we walked into a tunnel area, all brick and uneven pavement, that was soldier quarters or ammunition storage. I got a bit claustrophobic going in some of those darker places. Then I climbed the stairs up to stand on top of the wall, where soldiers and cannons once stood. And ok, I got a bit scared. Those stairs were steep and wood and moved. However, I did something I had never done before, which is all that matters. I stood on top of the wall of the fort and looked out at the Delaware River and it was amazing.

Then we did historic Philly with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I’ve done those before but this seemed different, or perhaps they seemed different because it’s been about 15 years since I was last here.  It’s amazing to stand in places historic important people once stood. To stand where the great thinkers of our nation brought together hope for a new country. And I got to see the actual chair George Washington sat in during the writing of the Constitution. Eekk!

Finally this evening was a ghost tour through parts of the historic Philly. We walked past historic churches and graveyards, hearing ghostly tales. Even though the sun went down it was still humid and hot. Then all of a sudden the wind came up, like major wind or a mighty wind, something that felt almost like Pentecost. The wind felt glorious. The lightening that was in the distance wasn’t all that great but for that moment, the wind rocked.

It’s amazing where we see God. Everyone experiences God in different ways and at different times. I see God in a lot of things I do, from daily things to time warping back in time. However, today I felt God again in the sweat that dripped down my back and gathered on my brow. However, I felt God the most standing in the park next to Independence Hall this evening and feeling that wind come up, sort of cooling off the night. In that moment, God was a bit closer amidst history, sightseeing and relaxation. And it was glorious.





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