Sabbath Monday: Missed Call?

wp-1471311078374.jpgI’ve often wondered what life would have been like if I hadn’t gone into ministry.

Would I be the teacher I dreamed about as a child? Or that brief period of being a rock journalist after I saw Almost Famous. Oh to interview Bono or Eddie Vedder or Dave Grohl! Sigh…

Instead I graduated with a degree in history, with aspirations to possibly work at a National Park as a park ranger, specifically at a place like Gettysburg or Valley Forge. And then of course that changed and I went to seminary. Honestly, I haven’t looked back. I struggled with my call to ministry but I wouldn’t change the decision for the world.

However, when I come to places like Valley Forge or Gettysburg I wonder what might have been. Could I be that park ranger, spouting off historical facts during a tour? Yeah, probably since when I’m on a tour I can answer the question long before anyone else. Or perhaps I’m some other type of tour guide. Mom even said today that I missed my calling. Perhaps I did.

I do wish to do more with my history side. At this point I have no idea what that would mean. I would love to take on a family history and genealogy project but projects require time, which is limited for me if I wish to stay sane. Who knows? Perhaps one day.

Call is important and I don’t look back on my decision to go into ministry. I love what I do. I love going into the church office and coming home at night to read about history or travel to historical sites or whatever.

God calls each of us to use our gifts to the highest potential. Whether it’s ministry, nursing, teaching, journalism, or stay at home parent. Or singing or running or being creative. Whatever our gifts are my prayer is that all of us use those gifts and are affirmed by the things we do and the people around us.

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