Friday 5: This Week


Gettysburg National Cemetery

Vacation is coming to an end. Boo! However, it has been fun. So much fun in fact, I forgot to blog the other day. Ah, well…

Since it’s Friday and since I head back to the real world in a few short days, this week’s edition of the Friday 5 is Vacation – the sights and sounds and good times.

So, in no particular order…

God’s Awesomeness: On the way from Gettysburg to Virginia the other night we ran into some major storms. Rain was coming down in sheets and went sideways. Visibility was down to nothing but the flashing lights in front of us. I had never seen it rain like that. To top it off it was night on some back road of Virginia, windy and dark. Because of this, the lightening show was amazing. If there was ever a moment of being in awe of God’s awesome power, that was it.

Back in Time: I think by now we all know I love history. This week I have stepped back in time to colonial times with the men who drafted our country’s independence. Or where the army trained during the Revolution. Or walked up the same steps George Washington and used the same original hand rail! Or stepped onto hallowed ground where soldiers fought and died. Or walked into homes dating back to the beginning of our country. There is something sacred about history.

Monticello: The home of Thomas Jefferson is Monticello and means little mountain. And literally sits on a little mountain. The overlook is breathtaking. The grounds at Monticello are incredible full of gardens, trees, and is seriously a place stuck in time.  Because of Jefferson’s records, the folks at Monticello are preserving that little mountain as it once stood over 200 years ago.

Gettysburg: Our tour guide asked us why we decided to come to Gettysburg and I honestly didn’t have an answer. It’s my favorite battle of the Civil War. The town is old and has this juxtaposition of new amongst the old. We had dinner at a tavern in the basement of a house that dates back to the mid-1700s and by candlelight I sipped my Diet Coke. How’s that for mixing the old with the new? There’s something sacred about Gettysburg that I can’t quite put my finger on. Is it how it was a turning point in the Civil War or the massive amount of loss of life? Why do I keep coming back?

Cemeteries: This trip I have been to a few cemeteries. Our ghost walk in Philly took us into one and by a few. Then at Gettysburg I hiked up the temporary path into the national cemetery. It was hot and humid and I was adamant to see the cemetery again. The fallen at Gettysburg were all relocated to this place and then Lincoln gave his famous 2.5 minute speech that began with “Four score and seven years ago…” As I walked the path I listened to the quite, the sound of the cicadas. I prayed and took pictures. The whole town of Gettysburg is hallowed ground but this spot is even more sacred. I walked among the rows of tombstones and made my way over to the headstones, where some have names. Some say Unknown and a number. If there was ever a moment that I felt God’s presence the most on this trip, it was in that place. No words can describe my affection for Gettysburg.

There you have it. Friday 5 of vacation. It’s been real and going back to work is going to be difficult. But finding God in and amongst the tours and places I’ve visited this week has been incredible.

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