Sunday Round-Up: Youth Sunday

James Island and Charleston, South Carolina

James Island and Charleston, South Carolina

Today was youth Sunday at church. The youth led the service and shared their experience of the mission trip to Charleston, South Carolina from July.  They did everything, minus the welcome and announcements. That was me.

Worship is holy and sacred and important. There’s a sense of reverence and humility and respect that comes when entering into worship.  I’m all for laughing in worship, in fact I encourage it. However, there are certain times when it’s appropriate or not. Naturally, I get a bit nervous when the youth lead worship. Will they respect the prayer? Will they pay attention to what they are doing and reading? Will they take leading worship seriously?

I was worried during rehearsal Saturday when the group busted out into laughter during the Call to Worship that called us to be “salty Christians.” Ok, maybe I laughed too, though I was worried they would do it during the real worship the following morning.

I worried for nothing.

The youth knocked it out of the park. They were clear and articulate. They laughed at the right moments allowing others to join in. They took the responsibility of leading worship seriously and led it with grace. And I heard about it.

I usually hear from many about how they couldn’t hear the youth, they spoke to fast and weren’t loud enough. I did hear a few of those remarks but for the most part everyone who approached me after church said how wonderful the youth did, how their reflections about the trip were some of the best they have heard.

Many said a lot of that came from my leadership. Ok, maybe my ego went up a bit. However, I cannot take all the credit. It’s the youth. They did the work, they volunteered to lead certain parts in worship and write and give the reflections. At most I told them to slow down as they read, to speak up and where to stand. I can’t take all the credit for the youth service this morning.

Where was my God moment this week, in a week that was stressful and I really wasn’t in the mood to be back in the office?

My God moment was the youth this morning. The laughing, reliving memories of the mission trip to Charleston. That group of high school youth are a bunch of incredible young people who will do wonderful things in life. Those youth will be sharing God’s light in all that they do and for that, I give thanks to God.


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