Friday 5: Sabbath Weekend

Placeholder ImageHappy Friday All!

Like most of you, I’m looking forward to this weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have a 3 day weekend. Sundays are a pastor’s main work day (though not the only work day) and Labor Day weekend is no exception. Despite having to work, what I’m looking forward to the most is having some down-time.

I rarely get down-time. Well, I do. Most evenings are free but let’s face it, I’m either doing the dishes or too tired to do much else than read and watch TV.

Down-time for me is Sabbath time. It’s doing things I’m typically too tired to do during the week and hardly get a chance to do on the weekends for one reason or another. Down-time is time spent in Sabbath, rest, relaxing. Sure I still have dishes to do and an apartment to pick up. However, that’s less than half of my expected down-time this weekend, so I don’t count it.

My Sabbath Weekend Plans are:

Number 1: Movies or TV marathons…During the week I’m usually not in the mood to watch a full movie or veg with several episodes of a favorite show (except The Big Bang Theory, mostly because it’s the only thing on TV every night). Beginning tonight, my plan is to watch movies. I also feel a Parks and Rec binge coming on or maybe Doctor Who…So many choices!

Number 2: Sleeping In…Need I say more?

Number 3: Being Creative…Rarely during the week do I have the energy to pull out my scrapbooking or art supplies. I can see the finish line on a vacation book from 2 years ago in my sites and by golly, I’m finishing it this weekend if it’s the last thing I do. I also have a painting I haven’t touched in, oh, about a year so I’d like to finish it and maybe begin a new one. This weekend…I’m getting crafty!

Number 4: Family and Friends…About once a week I go home to my parent’s and ok, maybe I use the washer and dryer while I’m there. But I like going home (well, most of the time anyway). Going home gives me a chance to see my parents and sometimes Grandma is over. I’m thankful I live close enough that I can go home once a week to see them and help out where I can. As for plans with friends…Nothing major plans, however, I found out a friend is in town this weekend, so Yay! I see a movie night in our future.

Number 5: Relaxing…This is my final, clear and free weekend for awhile. Tuesday begins the final push to a new church year, which means my life gets busier. It means Sundays are 10+ hour days and Mondays (my day off) are spent doing laundry, cleaning and getting groceries and evening meetings the rest of the week, leaving Fridays and those open Saturdays to relax or attend other social engagements. I’m soaking up whatever relaxing energy I can find this weekend and bottling it up.

Those are my plans for the weekend. Sabbath at it’s best. Time to myself and with friends and family. Time spent doing stuff I enjoy and simply relaxing. It’s going to be grand.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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