Sabbath Monday: Limitations

Placeholder ImageOne thing I’ve realized as an adult is that I have limitations. I can only do some much and sometimes I have to say “No.” It sucks to say “No,” to recognize I have limitations because society is all about saying “Yes.” It’s Jim Carrey doing things he doesn’t want to do, saying “Yes” to everything so he might have a brighter, better life. (If you’ve seen Yes, Man you get my reference).

Well, guess what? Saying “Yes” all the time doesn’t work. You get burnt out and stressed and you forget to blog because you’re just too damn tired. Sometimes I need to recognize that I can’t make it happen if my energy and passion isn’t there. So, Hello. My name is Amanda and I’m a “Yes” junkie. I do too much, I’m always tired and stressed and I often forget that I can in fact say “No.”

Recognizing you have a problem is the first step, isn’t it?

As all blogs do, they develop and I’m still learning. My recent revelation: Sunday blogging doesn’t work for me. I’m writing late at night (like tonight) or it’s on a topic I’m not into. I’ve decided that the Sunday Round-Up blogs will continue, though I’ve placed them on my “I’ll blog on Sundays if I get a chance” list.

Here’s how I got to the decision:

What I’ve realized over the last few weeks is that 1.) it’s difficult to keep coming up with topics! This blogging thing can be hard at times. This writer hopes to write new, insightful things, and change it up daily. One does not wish their blog to become stale! And 2.) By the time Sunday comes around, I’m beat. Writing when I’m tired helps no one, so why write at the eleventh hour like I have some deadline to hit and have writer’s block on something that should be fun? Plus, who wants to read a crappy, thrown together blog post? I’m thinking of you, Dear Readers, in this decision as well.

For a pastor, Sundays are THE day. It’s worship and meetings and Confirmation classes and youth groups and etc… I’m wiped before I even get up at simply knowing what my day has in store for me. During the program year I’m at the highest of stress levels. (I also get to have a tone of fun so it balances out.) Add trying to write a semi-descent blog on top of it…Blah…I can already see what will happen, which has been happening off and on as of late – I miss Sunday Round-Up blogging.

Instead of pretending and beating myself up over writing, I’m taking on a new philosophy: Sunday blogs will happen if there’s time and if I have a topic. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will still be there for sure. Sunday blogs will come and go as the Spirit moves.

Life is too short to be burnt and stressed out all the time, especially when it comes to something fun and meaningful.

Recognize your limitations, Dear Readers. And learn to say “No” from time to time.




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