Sabbath Monday: Ugh…Mondays

wp-1474943481096.jpgI write a lot about Sabbath. About how one should take time to practice it. That my Sabbath time typically includes reading or coloring or vegging in front of the TV with The Big Bang Theory. But that’s it…I’m writing about it. I might talk a good game but I stink at execution.

Prime example: Monday, September 26, 2016.

Mondays are my day off.

Now weeks ago I scheduled a meeting for this morning with a mission group the church is close with: Bridge Communities. Every November, Bridge holds a Sleep Out Saturday, where youth come together to raise awareness and money for homelessness in the Chicago area. (You’ll be hearing more.) My church assists a family through the Bridge program by providing temporary housing and mentoring to get them back on their feet. Lovely, right? There’s ties with Bridge and my church. So when the coordinator of Sleep Out Saturday (SOS) asks if the church is available for an SOS info meeting and would the church host, I said “Sure!” And I knew I’d been attending the meeting, whether it was at the church or elsewhere so really, I was stuck. I figured I’d swap my day off or perhaps make up for it another time. I don’t know…

At 6:50am this morning I rolled into church. I ran around getting things ready, moving TVs and setting up the computer with the TV because there was a funeral that morning at church so I wanted to be out of the way as soon as possible. Awesome, right?


Not only was I in on my day off but I was also in the office after a very long weekend with the youth. Granted, I knew about this meeting,. I set it up. But ugh…it stunk to be in the office.

Both my colleague and I have been running around lately. Funerals mainly for him. Children, youth and more for me. I also figured if I’m here, I might as well work cuz why not? I’m taking Friday as a trade off but it still stunk to be in. My whole week is off now.

And then our bookkeeper said something to me that made me pause. She said, “Well you need to look out for yourself too.” Damn, she’s right! Others have told me the same thing but I hate being reminded. I mean, I’m glad but it’s like looking in a mirror and seeing your reflection aka flaws. It’s good but who likes to be called out on something?

I’ve done nothing but work my a– off these last few weeks, my weekends are full of work and other commitments and I haven’t been listening to what I’ve been writing and preaching about on my blog! Pastors are notorious for this though, so I know I’m not the only one. BUT…

Basically, I need to learn the Art of Saying ‘No’. It’s easier said than done. And I’ve sort of done that recently, so…It’s a start.

When I left work at noon (not a minute later), I stopped for groceries. I came home and had lunch. I read. I napped. I threw open the windows and have let the cool fall air fill my apartment. I have watched TV and rested.

I’m still exhausted and I’m not looking forward to  working part of the day, then going home for a break and meals, then going back to church for evening meetings 3 times this week, but ah well…

I plan to Sabbath during those afternoon breaks. I plan to finish a book and make headway on 2 other books I’m reading. I plan to sip tea tonight and curl up on my couch and read until my eyes won’t stay open.

I plan to start practicing what I preach.


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