Friday 5: September Round-Up

Placeholder ImageIt’s October 1 and let’s face it, none of us can believe it’s already October, that it’s 60 degrees outside and leaves are falling. As I look back on September 2016, 5 things stand out:

Number 1: September always means the beginning of a new church program year.  It means the start of Confirmation, including the retreat to church camp. It means a new year of Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministry and more. This September brought new curriculum starts for the children and me to new ministry. I love September but this month was something else…

Number 2: Too many meetings! I’ve never had so many meetings before in one month, I swear. Sigh…While my colleague ran from one funeral home or grave site to another, I ran from a meeting about children to one about youth to one with the women of the church to one about stewardship. My office looks like a bomb went off. And October isn’t looking too great either…

Number 3: The upside: I read…a lot. I read 5 books this month. Not sure that’s a record and it’s actually a surprise given how busy I was. I’m in the middle of 2 large, thick history books – one on Thomas Jefferson and one on letters from Joshua Chamberlain, a major general during the Civil War – so those continue into October. Sadly, some of those 5 read books were duds (ehem, The Shining…I mean, that’s supposed to be Stephen King’s scariest novel and it was such a snooze fest!) and a few 5 stars (The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom, a historical fiction set years before the Civil War about slavery and plantation life. I can’t wait to read the sequel. And The Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard – similar to the Hunger Games but with more supernatural forces. OMG, so good!)  And I made it to my book group after a 3 month absence. And earlier tonight (cause it’s after 1am), I started the new Harry Potter.

Number 4: The fall always brings new TV shows. I try some if they look interesting but for the most part, I wait for my favorites to return. Once Upon A Time has 2 plot lines going and it’s losing me fast and it’s one episode in. Agents of SHEILD is okay, as is Gotham and New Girl. I don’t think I laughed so hard through an episode of The Big Bang Theory as I did during its premiere. An unexpected new favorite is The Good Place. I love Kristen Bell and she will forever be Veronica Mars but I love this comedy. It’s set in heaven or what heaven might be. But she’s there by mistake and it’s all forked up. Then there’s This Is Us. Can we say water works?!?!? The ending of the premiere made me cry, which is unusual for me. Ok, maybe I cried when Rory and Amy left Doctor Who but still…I didn’t see the end coming at all. I can’t wait to see the rest of the season. Oh and hockey has started and it’s baseball postseason so…That means shouting at the TV and an adult beverage on game nights.

Number 5: I finished a scrapbook. I mean, it sounds so simple and yet if you knew how much works goes into those books you’d understand the achievement. Plus, I started a new one, one that I will have finished before Christmas. I’m determined. And I love how I’m adding in a journaling component to it, which is something new for me. It’s turning out to be a very cool book so far. Plus, I love reliving last year’s trip to California.

Way more happened this month, like finally cleaning out the trunk of my car. I can clean out my trunk but not my office…Ok, I had to clean out my trunk since I needed it to get to church camp last weekend with all of our gear but…sigh…And perhaps some of the stuff from the trunk is currently residing in my living room but hey…I can actually use my trunk now. LOL

Cheers to a new month!

Let’s not start a countdown to Christmas, shall we?




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