Friday 5: Scrapbooking

1027162152.jpgThere is no right or wrong way to scrapbook.  In fact, I’ve been memory keeping for years and learned how to do it all on mine own. I know what supplies I like, where I like to purchase them. I know I like a ton of photos because to me pictures tell the story-memory better than words.

Scrapbooking is self-care. And fun. And art.

When it came time to begin my next book, I decided to take a more authentic, journal type approach. I wanted to create something totally for me, something funky and fun, using my favorite non-color: Black, with patterned paper that are all different colors and shapes. I wanted to try new layouts I found on Pinterest and expand my creative juices.

Creating my 2015 California Trip book has been awesome!

Anywho, this all leads to my Friday 5 (though it’s Saturday).

My Friday 5 is my top 5 memories from my 2015 Cali. Trip. Given that I’ve been spending my few free hours hunched over gluing and cutting, and given that I left for San Francisco on October 28 of last year (a year ago yesterday), it made sense to reflect back. So…

My California Vacation 2015:

Number 1: New Destinations and Old Friends: I flew first to San Francisco to visit Tony and his (now) husband. It was my first trip to San Fran. In my few days there I saw Alcatraz, sea lions, Muir Woods an more. Plus, I was there for Tony’s wedding. After that, I flew to L.A. to see Emily and to hopefully meet up with college friends. I’d been to L.A. before but I did different stuff this time. Sadly, meeting up with Meg didn’t work out, only because she went into labor. Though I didn’t get to see her, the texting we did as she was being admitted and all that was awesome. I was at LAX when her husband texted that she delivered a healthy baby boy that I can’t wait to meet.

Number 2: Tony and Darrell’s Wedding: Tony is a friend and colleague and he finally married his partner, legally, on October 31, 2015. Love Wins Baby. I read scripture, a passage I don’t think I’ll be able to read again and not think of their wedding. I assisted 90-something Eloise in finding her seat and holding a mic, as she was reading. Eloise was a parishioner at Tony’s church and also like a grandmother to him and Darrell. Tony texted me last weekend saying Eloise had passed. He also said how Eloise was so grateful to have met me and for all I did at their wedding last year. Such sad news. The only pic I have of her is her back, sitting and facing Tony and Darrell during the rehearsal. Still, I treasure it.

Number 3: Days Exploring: I spent 2 days on my trip exploring on my own. Tony had a sermon to write so I hopped over to Alcatraz until he could meet up. I was proud of myself for figuring out BART (their version of the EL) and my way to Pier 39 all on my own. It’s a huge deal for the directionally challenged let me tell you. Then Emily had to work when I was in L.A. so I trekked over to The Getty Villa and wandered through Ancient Greek art and sculpture. I loved exploring on my own. (While walking among the many Greek sculptures I couldn’t help but think, “Don’t Blink.” Doctor Who fans will understand.)

Number 4: Soaring Like Harry Potter: You heard me. At the Warner Bros. Studio Tour I got onto a broom, green screen behind me and I soared thru London and Hogwarts. I also saw all of the Bat-mobiles, the costumes and props of many movies and shows, and had a latte at Central Perk. The geek in me had a ball. So did doing the adventure with Emily, who was also totally geeked out.

Number 5: First Vacay On My Own: Most of my vacations of late have been with family. This one was all me, which I hadn’t done in like 10 years or something. I can’t wait for my next adventure on my own.

Memories are fabulous. It’s one of the many blessings I thank God for. Adventures and exploration of new territory and spending time with old friends is another. I love that I can use my gift of creativity to put these memories into a book, to look at again in years to come and remember the day I was there for 2 friends as they legally married one another, to remember helping Eloise, to witness movie magic and to remember that life is a journey full of lots to explore.


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