Sabbath Monday: Think Positive

cropped-alternate-sidebar1.jpgA Sunday or 2 ago one of our season church goers came up and asked if my mic was on. She couldn’t hear me during prayer concerns. Then last week I received a note via snail mail from another seasoned church goer saying I should slow down during the reading of the scripture. But hey, you’re doing a great job. Grr…

I mentioned all of this to my colleague. I explained that this shouldn’t bother me but it does. His reply: “Forget about both of them.” The lectern mic is up and turned on, so hearing isn’t a problem, well maybe though not on my end. As for the note – forget about it. That seasoned church goer, sadly, is starting to lose memory and other skills. It sucks to hear that but also makes me feel better, which I don’t know, maybe it shouldn’t.

My colleague then said, “Do you have a positive box?” I looked at him dumbfounded. He explained that a Positive Box is full of cards, notes, emails, items, whatever from people thanking you for being there during their worst moments or teaching their child or youth or an overall thank you for your ministry.

I do have such a thing – my desk drawer, though that’s only from this church, not my previous one. That’s packed away in my parent’s basement.

The point is clear though – Don’t focus on the bad. Focus on the good, the positive.

Damn, he’s so right.

Then Friday evening I was out with a few youth, well a youth family, at a youth event at one of sister churches. I’ve been frustrated with the lack of commitment by the group and how some are forming cliques, which I despise with all my being. It was me and one family at this event. The dad is one of my youth leaders and he said it’ll all work itself out. There’s history of this group acting this way and though you only have 2 replies for tomorrow’s Bible study (Saturday morning, aka my day off), do it anyhow. Don’t cancel. Don’t cave. Do the activity with them.

Later when all of us were leaving, the mom said she had expressed to someone how she was worried about the move in the spring, about how the kids would be and all that. The person she was talking to told her to focus on the positive. All will be good and well and fine. It’s a new adventure that will turn out great. Both the mom and dad then said, “Focus on the good.”

Damn, they are so right.

Twice in one week I was told to focus on the good, the positive, not the negative. I chalk it up to the Holy Spirit doing its work.

I was watching a bit of Star Wars on Sunday evening. The old original ones. I’ve watched New Hope a million times and yet I never noticed: C3PO is such a Debbie Downer! Have you noticed that? He’s always saying things like I’m not cut out for this, don’t get us in trouble, I should have stayed on that ship. Ugh…Hello Mr. Negative. While R2D2 is Mr. Positive with his let’s do this, can-do attitude. He’s determined to get to Obi-Wan. He’s often leaving C3PO behind because R2 isn’t going to wait.

Why can’t the world be full of R2s? Why do we focus on the negative so much? I mean, think about how many times a day we grumble – too tired, too stressed, someone doesn’t like that I did this or that. Why can’t we focus on the positive? Why can’t we remind ourselves of the good that surrounds our life, even the small stuff? Why does our world feel like it’s a bunch of Debbie Downers?

I’m debating a project for the month of November. Finding one positive per day,. One thing that I’m happy with, thankful for, feel blessed over. I feel a picture project coming on and some blog posts. Hmmm…

My hope, Dear Readers, is that when life is stressful or when a bad note comes your direction is that you take a moment and remember the positive. Perhaps you start a Positive Box like I plan to do. (I see a craft project in my future.) Perhaps when something bad happens at work, you remember the good at home. Whatever it is that gets you down…

Focus on the good, on the positive when life gets you down.


One thought on “Sabbath Monday: Think Positive

  1. Sue says:

    Having a “positive box” is such a saving grace for me! I have saved cards, notes, pictures, coloring book pages, etc. from years of youth ministry work. When one of those rough days, weeks , months come along I just pull them out and remember all the positive impact we have on the lives of our young people.
    I love your idea…in November I usually post something that I am grateful or thankful for and post it on Facebook. I don’t usually add pictures but that would be good too. Off to list my first day of thankfulness!

    Liked by 1 person

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