The Day After: Fly The W!

img_20161103_002310.jpgA long, long time ago (1998) in a dorm at Valparaiso University, I met Tracy. She lived across the hall from me and was the first person I met upon arriving at Valpo. Tracy walked into my room and asked if that was the Backstreet Boys I was listening to. Yes, yes it was.

Quickly she and I became friends. Quickly Tracy introduced me to the Chicago Cubs.

I’ve been to games with my brother-in-law and sister, my brother, other friends. I’ve sat in the right field bleachers and watched the antics of Soriano during the game. He was fun to watch. I’ve headed from Wrigley Field to across the street and a very crowded Cubby Bear for more drinks following the game, either cheering because we won or drowning our sorrows in loss. I’ve been burnt to a crisp, with racoon eyes, while sitting in the bleachers. I’ve sat behind home plate, in 90+ degree humid weather at Tiger Stadium while the Detroit Tigers took on the Cubs. My sister wore her Tiger ears the entire game, showing love for both Detroit and Chicago.

That time I went into the Cubs locker room.

That time I went into the Cubs locker room.


Over the years I’ve seen good games and bad. I’ve left Wrigley early or switched channels. This year I didn’t watch a ton of games. I don’t know why. Ok, I do know. I prefer to watch the games live, to be there in the crowd. TV baseball games take forever! It is good background noise while you’re cleaning though.

Last night I sat/paced in anxious anticipation and watched the Cubs win the World Series. I paced, stressed ate at 10pm, and switched channels. I even turned the sound down and read for awhile. I couldn’t take the suspense. Then in the 10th, Bryant threw that ball to Rizzo for the final out and BAM! Cubs won the World Series, the first since 1908. I cried. Like my niece I sat too close to the TV and watched Rizzo, Lester, Bryant and others celebrate. I watched as the trophy was handed to the team and the MVP to Zobrist. I texted friends who were also celebrating. And I cried.

Cub fans are always saying, “Next year.” There’s this faith and devotion and dedication that comes with being a Cubs fan. I can’t explain it. I can only feel it.

Remember my post about Linus last week? The one about having this incredible, never-ending, child-like faith in something? Being a Cubs’ fan is like that. It’s hoping and wishing and believing in something with all your being. This type of faith is like Linus who’s so wrapped up in the Great Pumpkin that he faints when he thinks the G.P. has arrived. That’s what every Cub fan did last night…after our hearts started pumping again.

fb_img_1478183666976.jpgI knew the Cubs would one day do this. I just never thought I’d live to see it. Now I can’t wait to tell my nieces and nephews about the Cubs. I can’t until they are old enough to be at Wrigley Field with me. I can’t wait to explain to them how this team went years without a win, went years with nothing but hope that one day they would be on top.

As Eddie Vedder sang, “Someday we’ll go all the way, Yeah! Someday we’ll go all the way!”

Someday is here and now. Congrats Cubs!

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