Friday 5: November Positives

img_20161103_002310.jpgMonday night I wrote a post about focusing on the positives. I mentioned a few instances recently at church and how in a span of a week, 2 people told me to focus on the good. I’ve got a Positive Box craft in my back of my head, a place to collect all those positive cards, notes, letters, etc…One day I’ll organize it.

Anywho, for the month of November I usually like to remind myself of all my blessings and give thanks for said blessings. Instead, this November I’m focusing on the positives and giving thanks for them. Each Friday 5 will have 5 positives from the week throughout the month, beginning today:

Number 1: Clean Office – I don’t like clutter or disorganization but it doesn’t bug me enough to stop me from working. I’m not that OCD. In fact, more often the clutter is good. (Wasn’t there a study done recently about those who are disorganized (sometimes me), night owls (me) and swear (also me) tend to be more intelligent? Just saying.) However, my office at church was a mess. My spider plant had sprouted buds that fell off, the mission trip stuff has sat in the same spot since July, not mention the books, papers and more that surrounded my desk. Tuesday I took the afternoon to clean. It’s not 100% organized but it’s better, meaning I can see the floor.

Number 2: Aunt’s Are Awesome: Wednesday morning I received an email from my aunt with a few points to file away in my Positive Box. I almost cried. I’m so thankful to have her and my uncle in my life. I hope I can emulate what I’ve learned from them to my nieces and nephews.

Number 3: Cubs win the World Series! Need I say more?

Number 4: Note From A Church Member: I’ve had some disappointment in one of our mission groups over some miscommunication. Both sides are at fault. I assumed something based on previous conversations. They group assumed something else. And yet the chair of the group emailed me about the issue. I replied, “All is well.” Then she replied with how much the “little things” in worship on Sunday made her feel happy, how she enjoyed the sermon and worship in general, especially the silent prayer, which is new to worship. I don’t often hear positives about worship besides, “Nice job” so this little note made my day.

Number 5: The Cubs won the World Series! Ok, so it’s a repeat positive. But it’s a huge moment for this Cub fan. Plus I got some Christmas shopping done thanks to the win and maybe a few things for myself. Thank you God for online shopping and the wonderful convenience of shopping at 10:30pm in my pjs.

What are your positives of the week? What are the things you’re most thankful for?

Thank you God for all the little things in life that make us smile. Thank you for reminding us of all the good and the blessings You provide for us. Amen.


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