Misc. Wednesday: Reflections

Placeholder ImageSo…I haven’t written in awhile. Mostly because I haven’t had the time, nor do I have much to say. Ok, that’s not true. I have stuff to say. I just don’t have anything nice to say, so I refrained from speaking.

This week has been tough, so tough in fact that when last Friday came around and I tried to find 5 positives, I came up empty. Where are the positives in the midst of fear, depression, anger and sadness? Where is the good? I’ve been wondering this all week.

Let’s back track…

Last Tuesday stunk. It was like Pepe Le Pew was all up in our business. Somehow our country elected someone unfit to hold the highest position in our country. (You know, pastors have to do psych exams and write papers and then go before folks to defend our theology. I wonder if presidents should do some of this too, or at the most, the psych exam.) On top that, this so called leader is a bully, abuser, pig-headed, misogynist, racist and more. A leader leads by example and this leader is leading us toward a world full of hate and fear.

I’m not sad or depressed over losing because frankly, I wasn’t 100% for Hillary. I am sad because fear and hate have taken over. I’m hearing things and reading reports about children telling other children to go back to where they came from, build the wall, hijabs being torn off. Bleh…When the youth of our country start acting this way, when they feel fear and anxiety, I cringe and feel even sadder at the loss of innocence.

After days of agonizing over what to say, I spent Saturday night writing my sermon after returning home from a day in Indiana. This was also after I ran all over creation on Friday: to the office, then my parent’s, mowed the lawn and picked up leaves, got called to the hospital for an old long-time-though-he-doesn’t-come-anymore member who was dying. I had nothing left to give for my sermon. It’s hard to find God among the pain and lack of hope. Yet, I did find the words. It was 10:30pm Saturday night but I found the words.

Sunday I preached about the level of fear that’s surrounding all of us and how according to the prophet Isaiah, God is creating new. Along those lines I said I’m not sure what that new thing is but I feel that it’s hope. There is hope out there and the best any of us can do is provide hope and love to all. This newness may not be seen and felt and shown in some tangible way but it’s there.

Before I stepped into the pulpit, I asked the children if they’ve ever been bullied, if they’ve experienced hate, if they’ve have fallen and hurt themselves. I asked who is usually there to care for them when those times happen. Many said Mom and Dad. Others said aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends. One said God. I told our children that no matter, no matter who they are, or what they do, or what someone says about them – God loves them. Then I passed out stickers that said “God loves me.”

Perhaps the message many of us need to hear. One that’s full of God’s love and hope, a reminder that God’s world doesn’t include hate or fear.

At this point I’m still trying to figure things out when it comes to our new world order. My prayer is that God’s love and hope and grace and peace is somehow shown, even if it’s only by a few people.

No one should feel unloved. No one should live in fear. May all of us feel God’s loving embrace each and every day.


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