Sabbath Monday: Part 1 – Reflections on Joy

img_0599Being a pastor comes with a lot of joy and grief. But this time of year things get busy and I’m left too tired to do much of anything beyond binge watch TV.


Like I’ve been doing each week this Advent, last week I focused on finding Joy.

The People I Met: The concierge at the hospital was friendly and even high-fived me. I forget why. I was there to visit someone (also a joy). The check out woman at Target with whom I had a nice short conversation with. The woman who was calling out for help at the stop light for directions. I rolled down my window and I’m hoping I gave her the right path. There were lots of various people this last week that allowed joy to seep into my life.

Church Activities: Saturday I was at the zoo with the youth, who yes, ditched me. I mean, I wouldn’t want to hang with the pastor if I was a teenager. However, I got to experience the zoo differently. Usually I’m there with family, tugging my niece along to the next animal. This time, I looked around at the Christmas lights, said “hello” to the polar bears and baby gorilla. I took a few pictures too.

Sunday was a whirlwind. I was late-ish for church, had to do a few things before service, folks came late when I asked them to come early. Sigh…And the service was different as the choirs led a Christmas cantata. Out of my element of not sitting up in the chancel and doing a different order of service, I forgot a few things. Sigh…BUT the cantata was beautiful and it was a joy to see and hear music that morning.

And the children’s service is coming along. The children will rock it again this year!

Books: I finished a book challenge: 24 books in 12 months, with prompts like ‘read a book on feminism’ and ‘read a book published in the decade you were born’. I read some really interesting books this year, as well as some duds. And this doesn’t include my monthly book club and the many other books I read. I also got the list for the 2017 challenge and it’s much harder than last year’s, though I cannot wait to begin! Joy in some daily self-care time.

A Word: A friend got me interested in a scrapbooking project through Ali Edwards. Ali is a scrapbooker, blogger, and photographer. I love her stuff. Her 2017 One Little Word project is out there and my kit is on it’s way. I’m all signed up to scrapbook, journal and focus on one word – Embrace – this year. I’m super excited and I’m full of joy over it.

Friends & Family: I’ve been emailing back and forth with my sister and our friend, who’s coming in from L.A. this week. The friend and I will drive up to see my sister later this week but all last week plans were being made about lunch and dinner and more. I haven’t see my friend in over a year and I don’t remember the last time my sister saw her. Plus, it’s a day with my nephew and niece, which, I mean – how is that not joy?!?

There you have it…Joy from last week.

This week is Love.




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