Misc. Wednesday: Embrace, Part 3

The past two nights I have sat at my dining room table/craft room table surrounded by my scissors, double sided tape, magazines, catalogues and more. It was like a scene from a project I would have done in elementary school or something.

The March creative prompt for my One Little Word project is to create a vision board or pages actually, as they were going into my book and not on a large piece of canvas. A vision board is essentially a collage. Magazine and catalogue clippings of pictures or words I find interesting, in theory connected to my word. Ali Edwards invited us to do 4 pages, to tell a sort of story with our vision pages.

I did 6.

I created 6 – 6×8 page inserts because I had all of these fantastic photos and words that I simply had to put into my book. The great and wonderful thing with the OLW project – There are no rules. Ali gives ideas and creative prompts and guidance but for the most part, she leaves assembling your book and pages all to you.

I stressed about this project too. I hadn’t done something like this since elementary school and I don’t read magazines. I forgot to ask Mom for left over magazines from her office and I really didn’t want to go to like Half Price Books or something to purchase used magazines, even if I was going to cut them up.

Instead, I found inspiration from the few magazines Mom had at home, mostly about food. And to my surprise an IKEA and Crate & Barrel catalogues had a wealth of pictures and words. Who knew? Goes to show that when the Spirit of Creativity moves, it shows up in strange places.

Are my pages perfect? No. Did the collage turn out to be what I wanted? Nope. Are there spaces of white from the background paper showing because whatever images or words I had didn’t cover the whole page? Yep (and it bugs me and I’m embracing letting it go).

One thing I’ve learned through this whole One Little Word process is that this doesn’t have to be perfect. My book needs to reflect me and I’m certainly not perfect. I tend to try and be perfect but I’m not. I’ve learned to “let it go” and try to be the best self I can be. Same is true of my OLW book. It’s my own personal reflection of my word, Embrace. It’s my own and yes, I want it to look nice and pretty but it’s not going to be and I’m embracing that. It’s a difficult embrace for someone like me who likes straight edges and smooth corners but I’m trying.

So, what else did I learn from this vision page exercise?

I learned I love to cut up things from magazines and catalogues. I found this incredible sense of magic, play and child-likeness in my 2 nights of cutting and taping (not gluing – gluing is messy).

I learned that creativity is something I crave and I need to embrace it more. I need to spend more time in the act of creating, whatever that might look like.

I learned that God shows up in strange and wonderful ways, which I always knew. However, when I flipped through random catalogues and magazines for inspiration and ended up with 6 pages worth of stuff, I say that’s a God moment.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll make more of these vision pages over the year, perhaps using images from Pinterest or Google. Either way, I love embracing my creative side and feeling God’s presence as I craft.



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