Friday 5: Goo goo g’joob

As a kid growing up, the stereo in the living room was massive, well to my child’s eye it was. And we were only allowed to touch it once we learned how to use it.

I have memories of family dance parties, my mother standing at the dishwasher belting out the female portion of Meatloaf’s  “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” while we picked up. I remember certain albums were for spaghetti nights when Dad cooked and Saturday mornings cleaning the house. I remember my father threatening us with a Rare Earth song while we cleaned (probably because we weren’t listening). And this wasn’t just any Rare Earth song – It was 20+ minutes!

Good memories! (Totally not sarcasm, they are good memories.)

When I finally got my own musical taste and my own CD player, I played Metallica’s black album on repeat, much to the displeasure of my sister with whom I shared a room. Ok, maybe I did it to piss her off (it worked). I remember being kicked out of my room and hooking myself into Dad’s stereo, cranking Enter Sandman as loud as I could handle it via headphones.

Until Dad peeled the headphones off me.

Not to turn it down though. Oh no.  To hell with eardrums.

He came to give me a musical education: Metallica vs. Black Sabbath.

I was unimpressed at the time.

As an adult, and out of  all my siblings, I’m the one who listens to Dad’s music the most. And he and I talk about it. Plus, I’m realizing now that I get a lot of my musical taste from my father, as well as my need for CDs and digital music. (And one day I will own his vinyl. Got that, Dad?)

So it’s no wonder the other night while watching the movie Sing, Dad went: “That’s a Beatles song” out loud, probably because he thought I’d agree.

I didn’t.

So I said, “Prove it.”

Sure enough – off Abbey Road – “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight” – was in the movie. How did I miss that?

Since then I’ve been on a Beatles kick, listening to them off and on this week. Dancing in the car along to  the early stuff, such as “Love Me Do” and “She Loves You.” Listening to the lyrics from “Revolution” and how it so applies to today. Figuring out a way to use “Magical Mystery Tour” in a sermon (it’s totally doable). And completely singing the wrong lyrics to many songs because let’s face it, there are just some words I can’t understand from Lennon or McCartney in their Limey-Liverpoolian accents. Tonight I put in the movie musical Across the Universe, which is about the 60s, Vietnam and set to the Beatles.

My week with the Beatles and this long explanation of words above have led to this – My Friday 5.

My 5 favorite Beatles songs, which is so difficult to nail down. I mean, first there’s a ton. And second, it’s The Beatles.

I mean, come on.

But I do have a few Go-To songs that I listen on repeat so…

Number 1: Hard Days Night – the album. See, I can’t pick just one. Though “If I Fell” is up there. And “Happy Just to Dance with You.” I remember watching the film as a child and loved Lennon’s humor. (And feeling sad for Ringo).

Number 2: “In My Life” from Rubber Soul – I cry…every….damn…time.

Number 3: “Here Comes the Sun” from Abbey Road – That simple opening with the guitar…Love! It’s so beautiful. And it’s gotten me through some tough times. I love that album too.

Number 4: “All You Need is Love” from Magical Mystery Tour – It’s like the best peace rallying cry song ever. It’s what I imagine Jesus would sing if rock-n-roll existed in ancient times.

Number 5: “I Am The Walrus” from Magical Mystery Tour – I LOVE this song. Like, hit repeat kind of love. First, have you listened to the lyrics? It’s super silly and yet totally spot-on. Second, ok yes, they were totally stoned out when they wrote it, I mean, eggman, what is that? Walrus makes no sense but whatever. Third, Ringo had “Octopus’ Garden” which is plain dumb if you ask me. Lennon can totally have Walrus. Wasn’t this the song he wrote in reply to folks who said they couldn’t understand his lyrics and they were evil or something?  I can’t remember.

My sorority pledge class had to pick a motto. Someone suggested the opening line of Walrus, but with she’s instead of he’s. So it was “I am she as you are she as you are me and we are all together.” Walrus has meaning for me. (And seriously – what an opening line? Love!)

There you have it – My top 5 Go-To Beatles songs. Songs I crank up loud in the car or at home. True, I’m missing a ton of others. “Help!” and “Sgt. Pepper” and “Lucy” and, “Eight Days A Week” and, and…I’m realizing I like a lot of later Beatles.

I love how much music has shaped my life. And how many music memories I have with my family. Such good memories to carry with me.

And yes, Dad influenced me the most in terms of my musical tastes. But to hear Mom say “I Love this song!” when Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” or AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” (and ok, perhaps some Backstreet Boys too) come on is pretty awesome too.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the memories.

Goo goo g’joob, Everyone.








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