About Me

20151030_113713[1]Hello! I’m Amanda. I’m an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ, currently serving as an Associate Pastor in the Chicago suburbs. I have a Bachelor of Science in History from Valparaiso University and a Master of Divinity from Eden Theological Seminary.

This is my first blog. Over my years in ministry I have written numerous church newsletter articles and sermons, all of which have served as inspiration for the call to write a blog. I see blogging as an extension of my ministry, a way to share my thoughts and faith, though please keep in my mind, I am not a writer. I only try to be one.  

Besides spending most of my days at church or talking about church, God and faith, I am also an avid reader, scrapbooker, amateur artist and lover of art, dedicated daughter and aunt, devoted Chicago Blackhawks fan and Cubbie, concert and movie goer, lawn mower, historian and fangirl.

Why blog?

Because I want to explore God in the everyday. You will find themes of:

Faith: My faith is centered around finding God in daily life. I hope to explore more about finding the holy moments in travel, grocery shopping, and babysitting.

Ministry: Ministry is who I am, through and through. It is hard not to find the muse in the local church. I spend a lot of time with the youth, which provide a lot of tales.

Life (a.k.a. pop culture): This goes along with finding God in the everyday. I love TV, movies, art, books, and music. Anything that inspires me or where I see the Holy will end up here – book reviews, pieces of art, whatever is playing in my iPod and more.

Over time, my hope is that my blog will evolve. You’ll find church newsletter articles, bits of sermons, honestly written thoughts on topics I have a passion for and prayers. My hope is that this blog is different from most pastor blogs. All views on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my church or denomination.

Welcome and thanks for reading.