Sabbath Monday: A Week in the Life

I lead a pretty ordinary life.

I get up, go to work, come home. Sometimes there are evening church meetings. Sometimes gatherings with friends. Sometimes I treat myself to a movie. Sometimes family time.

But mostly my week consists of just me.

Unlike many, I don’t have a daily routine. I don’t have a routine with children or a husband.

Ok, maybe I do have a routine. Sort of.

But every morning is different – Some mornings I get up early to read or do the dishes. Some mornings I “sleep in”. Some mornings I make lunch to take with me, other days I come home for lunch.

Every work day is different too. Ministry is all about the unexpected.

My average week sometimes turns out not so average for whatever reason – a random get together or multiple runs to the store.

A week in the life of me is often typical and also not so typical.

Though it is my story to share. My story matters.

This week I’m embarking on a Week in the Life with Ali Edwards. (I’m also currently in the middle of the One Little Word project with Ali as well.)

Week in the Life is exactly what it sounds like – A week in my life, documenting the daily doings of where I go, what I do, what I eat, who I meet, etc… Though the project is also more than that. It’s looking at things in your daily life differently. Like, noticing the sun blazing through your picture window and casting shadows on the wall.

This is my first year doing this project and I’m super pumped.

Last week I organized my book and supplies, taking notes and reading Ali’s blog for inspiration. This has helped me figure out what I wanted to do with this project.

Ali is doing her project this week, April 17-23, and I decided to do it along with her. With some minor edits.

I started yesterday, April 16, Easter Sunday. I chose to start then because though that day isn’t super ordinary, it is a special day in my life. I am a pastor after all. Plus, my family is the center of my life. I may go weeks without seeing my sister and her family but they are important to me and part of my life story. I wanted to document that particular family time.

Also, this is likely the last Easter with my Grandmother. Her transition to eternal life has been the focus of our family for a while now and a focus in my life. I may not see her every day but I talk to Mom about how Grandma’s doing sometimes in the week. And she’s in my daily prayers. I wanted to capture these last moments I have with her.

This week after Easter is super busy and a bit out of the ordinary. But whatever. I wanted to capture it.

My schedule changes daily sometimes. Meetings pop up, plans to meet friends for dinner come up. Last week as I prepared and planned for this week’s Week in the Life documenting, my calendar started to fill up. And you know what? That’s not unheard of so I’m rolling with it. It’s not unheard of for me to have a youth event on a Saturday night or book group or church meetings. Why not capture those sort of out-of-the-ordinary moments? Those moments make us who we are, they often define us. Why not capture and document them?

I started printing pictures this evening. I started laying out my book and figuring out what to do where. I’m using Dad’s professional like camera and I’m super excited. Bummed my little snap and shoot has issues but love the idea of playing with lens and angles. I feel so professional! LOL

Mondays are pretty blah since I’m usually home cleaning or resting. Today was about the same. I slept in and watched TV. I cleaned. But while I did this weekly routine I set the timer on the camera and took pictures. Pictures of me cleaning the bathroom, the sun on my plants in my window sill. Pictures of eating dinner and the outside of my apartment building.

I’ve spent most of the evening sorting pictures and printing. Realized I need ink for the printer and more photo paper, so I see a Target run tomorrow.

It’s interesting to be documenting the daily things I do each day or the sort of daily things I do every day. I look forward to taking a ton of pictures this week and documenting the things in my life – some I do daily and some I do occasionally.

But all make up my life story. It’s a story to be told and shared.

Like all of our stories.





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